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1-4 May

The 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference was hosted on the beautiful island of Mauritius from 1-4 May. The theme for the 2019 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference was “Business for Sustainable Development.” Delegates learned from a panel discussion on this subject and took courses to further develop their skills in strategy, project management and interpersonal communication. The conference was a chance for JCI members and friends to come together with an entrepreneurial and community-minded spirit. There, they discussed the capacity to transform young people into leading players in Africa and the Middle East’s development.

Conference attendees also relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company and made new friends during several leisure events offered at the conference. The Balaclava Conference Organizing Committee put on a Welcome Party, an “I Am Africa and the Middle East” Patriotic Night and Concert, a Mauritian Night, as well as the JCI Awards Ceremony and Gala to celebrate everyone’s successes.