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2019 JCI Conference of America

Mendoza, Argentina
15-18 May

The 2019 JCI Conference of America took place from 15-18 May in the historic city of Mendoza, Argentina, nestled in the Huentota Valley beneath the Andes mountains. The theme for the 2019 JCI Conference of America was “Connecting Lives.” Delegates learned a variety of skills that will help them in the future, including storytelling, digital marketing and human-centered design. The importance of storytelling for projects. Human Centered Design. The conference opened new doors for attendees with the goal of transforming the region and turning it into an America that is more united and influential.

Those who attended the conference could tour the many wineries. The Conference Organizing Committee also put on a variety of events to draw people together and keep them entertained, including a Welcome Party, Global Village, Argentina Night and the JCI Awards Ceremony and Gala.