The Impact Factor: JCI Hawaii

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The Impact Factor: JCI Hawaii

JCI Hawaii

After finding inspiration from the 600 young people that attended the International Summit on Peace in Malaysia—the members of JCI Hawaii wanted to encourage active citizens in the US to get involved with the Peace is Possible campaign to prove that this generation can change the world. The Peace is Possible campaign mobilizes young people worldwide to create awareness, advocate and take action to build a peaceful world. This campaign aims to convene a coalition of like-minded stakeholders from all sectors of society that are committed to creating everlasting world peace.

The members of JCI Hawaii reached out to local businesses and international partners about creating a platform for young people to discuss their concerns and ideas for making peace possible. This platform became the Hawaii Leaders for Peace Summit and not only did JCI members from across the US attend, but members from across the world congregated to Hawaii for the inaugural event that was in conjunction with JCI Hawaii’s 75th Anniversary. During this event, JCI members participated in quality discussions that identified the greatest barriers toward peace and formulate sustainable solutions to these challenges.

As leaders in peace, JCI Hawaii wanted to share the spirit of aloha with young people worldwide to empower them to be the generation that develops peace within themselves, their communities and the world around them. Discussions from the Peace Summit have already sparked new partnerships for future local impact projects, a strategic plan for peace and a better understanding of how the Global Goals for Sustainable Development can contribute to peaceful communities.

One of the most impressive things about this campaign was that JCI Hawaii they continued on with this event as Hurricane Lane was happening.
They had delegates from the US, Japan, UK, Australia, and Colombia with a total of 144 in attendance. Watch the video now.