The Impact Factor: JCI Lattakia, Syria

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The Impact Factor: JCI Lattakia, Syria

JCI Lattakia, Syria

JCI Lattakia, Syria wanted to bring together community members across cultures.

Due to the lack of communication between Syrian youth and people around the world as a result of the cultural siege and the presence of many foreign communities in Syria, JCI Lattakia felt compelled to build bridges between Syrian youth and other nationalities. JCI Lattakia reached out to community and civil society organizations representing different cultures and invited them to participate in Mishwar Al-Alam, or “Cross Cultures.” This successful event drew packed crows who came to experience the traditional dress, dancing, arts and food cultures throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

Through this cultural exhibition, JCI Lattakia not only connected JCI organizations throughout the community but empowered NGOs in the area. Over 14 cultures were represented at the event. Local organizations JCI Lattakia, JCI Homs, JCI Aleppo, JCI Hama, JCI Tartus, and JCI Sweida united to represent the rich culture of Syria; in addition to 13 different international cultures such as: Greece, Armenia, France, Russia, Kuwait, Egypt, India, Japan, Iran, Spain, Germany, Argentina and Palestine.

Cross Cultures fair is the first of its kind in the region. Over 14 NGOs and civil society organizations participated in planning and carrying out the event. Watch the video on our Facebook page.