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An Update on JCI’s 2020 Events

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Over the last few weeks, with the cooperation of the Executive Committee and the respective Conference Organizing Committees, JCI has come to the following conclusions regarding our 2020 official events: 

The JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, originally planned from 17-20 June 2020 and postponed to 12-15 August is cancelled. Due to the health and wellbeing concerns posed by COVID-19 pandemic, the local and national government entities were unable to guarantee the necessary resources that would ensure a proper welcome for all attendees. For these reasons, the difficult decision was made to cancel the 2020 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference.

The JCI Asia Pacific Conference in Angkor, Cambodia, originally planned from 11-14 June 2020 is postponed to 20-23 August 2020.

The JCI Conference of America in Panama City, Panama, originally planned from 20-23 May 2020, will be cancelled. With cooperation and understanding from the Conference Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee, Panama City will host the 2021 Conference of America from 5-8 May 2021.

The JCI European Conference in Dublin, Ireland, originally planned from 27-30 May 2020, is cancelled. We deeply regret the inconvenience and disappointment this will cause, however, after weeks of discussion with stakeholders, we believe this is the correct decision for the safety of our JCI members and conference participants. The JCI World Congress in Yokohama, Japan, is moving forward as planned from 3-7 November 2020. The early bird registration deadline has been extended to 30 June 2020.

Despite these cancellations, certain programs will go on.

Members may continue to submit entries for Public Speaking, Twinning, Debating and Awards for the 2020 European Conference and 2020 Conference of America until 4 May.

The deadline for submitting a nomination for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World program is 4 May. JCI members are encouraged to continue finding candidates who are leaders in their communities and countries to be recognized at the 2020 JCI World Congress. 

Each year, we look forward to connecting with our members at JCI’s Area Conferences, celebrating the outstanding achievements of Local and National Organizations and developing strategies that empower the next generation of leaders.

We will continue moving forward with that mission even in the absence of physical conferences in several areas. JCI’s Board of Directors, committee members, staff and officers are committed to bringing the unique conference experience to you all. By offering innovative and virtual solutions to bring our members closer together during this time, we hope that you will join us as we push forward together. 

Thank you to our members, who have continued to show resilience and grace under pressure, rising to the challenge!