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Online 2020 JCI Conference of America Celebrates Outstanding Members, Organizations

JCI members from across the world gathered together – remotely – for the first ever online JCI Area Conference, the 2020 JCI Conference of America. The event was supposed to take place in Panama City, Panama, but despite the setbacks, the 2020 JCI America Board of Directors and team managed to capture the heart and energy of an in-person JCI event through Zoom and Facebook Live.

On 23 May, the 2020 JCI America Board of Directors hosted a lively Awards Ceremony to celebrate the hard work and dedication of JCI members. Salud! A Gala Celebration of Impact and Innovation recognized the outstanding JCI members, organizations and projects that have made a positive impact in local communities and the world.

In case you missed it, we have listed all of the award winners here. 


Most Outstanding Local President
Gonzalo Romero
JCI Salta, Argentina

Described as the “engine that motivated the work of JCI to jump into action, Gonzalo Romero strives to create partnerships with the public sector, private companies and universities in his community. His dedication to being an active participant in each project, program and event for JCI Salta has helped positively impact all members, displaying what true leadership and passion looks like in JCI. A lifelong contributor to positive change in his community, Gonzalo is a wonderful example of enthusiastic leadership for his fellow man.

Most Outstanding New Member
Shakira Payne
JCI Barbados, West Indies

Shakira did not wait long to jump right into a leadership role with JCI Barbados! As a new member, she took on the role of co-chairperson for the 2019 Safe & Sober Project, helping to promote safe driving habit, safe sex practices and self defense for women. In her role she was able to secure significant sponsorships and display her intense passion for leadership, volunteer outreach and active engagement in her daily community.

Most Outstanding Member
Heidi Eastman
JCI Tobago, West Indies

A dedicated member of JCI Tobago, Heidi has been working hard in a variety of leadership roles over the years as a member of JCI. Her significant contributions to projects like Safe and Sober Zone, chairing the first Mental Health Forum and organizing and Executive Women Introductory Golf Training. Heidi truly embodies the term “service before self” and dedicates herself to being virtuous, selfless, honest and representing the passion of JCI in all her interactions.


Most Outstanding New Local Organization
JCI Antioquia, Colombia

As a new organization, JCI Antioquia has developed an action plan that includes internal growth, community impact and staying connected with different sectors of society. They have focused on projects highlighting women entrepreneurs, environmental impact, world cleaning day and training for soft skills in school. This year they had 18 new members join and are continuing to grow in numbers and community engagement!

Most Outstanding Local Organization
JCI Salta, Argentina

With a passion for following the strategic plans set forth by JCI Argentina, JCI Salta strives to position itself as the leading youth organization which fosters collaborative culture and unites all sectors of society. One of their main projects is the Empowering Leadership program which provides educational training and hands on experiences in project management. Together with the support of the community, JCI Salta has managed to offer almost 118 leadership opportunities!


Best Local Economic Development Program
Escuela de Emprendedores 2.0
JCI Salta, Argentina

JCI Salta’s School of Entrepreneurs was a great example of bridging the gap to create meaningful solutions. Read more

Best Local Corporate Responsibility Program
JCI Femenino Cochabamba, Bolivia

JCI Femenino Cochabamba partnered with local businesses to raise awareness for and sponsor preventative breast cancer interventions. Read more

Best Local Peace Project
JCI Chone, Equador

JCI Chone invested in future leaders by encouraging children to become peace ambassadors in their communities. Read more

Best National Growth and Development Program
National Leadership Academy
JCI Xanxere, Brazil

JCI Xanxere created the National Leadership Academy to promote active JCI member participation and leadership. Read more

Best Local Growth and Development Program
Generando Lideres con Valores
JCI Santa Cruz, Bolivia

JCI Santa Cruz gave members the opportunity to facilitate valuable workshops for women and young people in their community. Read more

Best Local Community Empowerment Program
JCI Santa Cruz, Bolivia

JCI Santa Cruz reached over 1,500 people with their community program to empower young people to participate in intercollegiate competitions. Read more

Best Long-term Community Program
JCI Chapecó, Brazil

JCI Chapecó continues to make an impact by raising awareness for the Child and Adolescent Protection Network and encouraging open dialogue about sexual abuse against children. Read more

Best Local Personal Skills Development Program
JCI Quindío, Colombia

JCI Quindío gained 5 new members through this program, which focused on developing skills in leadership, speaking and communication. Read more

Best Inter-Organization Collaboration Project
JCI Manta, Ecuador

JCI Manta and JCI Quito worked together to create a program that encourages young leaders to be active in their communities and develop their skills. Read more

Best Local Global Goals Project
Pequeños Superhéroes
JCI Unión, Bolivia

JCI Unión focused on SDG 3 and SDG 4 to help children learn and make meaningful connections while in the hospital. Read more

Most Outstanding Local Project
Manta, Equador

JCI Manta and JCI Quito worked together to create a program that encourages young leaders to be active in their communities and develop their skills. Read more

Best National Flagship Program
HeforShe JCI Brasil
JCI São Bento do Sul, Brazil

JCI São Bento do Sul created a united approach to gender equality that many members adopted for their own companies. Read more