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Five Things you won’t want to miss from the JCI RISE VIP Program at this year’s World Congress

We’ve seen the ingenuity of JCI members on display as local and national organizations have taken part of the JCI RISE initiative. Together we are bridging the gaps made by COVID-19, supporting businesses and entrepreneurs, mobilizing workforces and investigating solutions for mental health issues. Through the Online RISE VIP Program at the upcoming 2020 JCI World Congress in Yokohama, we will continue to extend our reach and improve our ability to provide lasting economic solutions to the places that need them. 

This program includes special content, trainings and workshops, in addition to all the elements of the Core Congress Program. Here are five things you can look forward to when you register for the RISE VIP Program:

  1. All Morning Shows
    JCI’s Morning Shows set the tone every day at our events. While many of us won’t be able to gather in-person, you’ll still be able to wake up to these fun, informative sessions that will prime you for each day. Get inspired, get motivated and get ready for all of the great activities we have planned!
  1. Exclusive Workshops, Training, Keynotes and Panels
    Individual Development is one of the four areas of opportunity and we will make sure we provide you with plenty of opportunities to grow during the program. In addition to the content streamed from Yokohama, Japan, you can enjoy a full schedule of workshops, training, keynotes and panels right from your home. From topics like emotional intelligence and interacting with the media, to topics like the SDGs and managing mental health, there will be something for everyone to come out with more practical knowledge than ever before!
  1. Business Speed Networking
    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our networking is taking place virtually. Discover some tips for building meaningful connections online, and participate in our Business Speed Networking sessions to meet like-minded professionals and aspiring global leaders from around the world… JCI is once again open for business!
  1. Bonus Cultural and Health & Wellness Content
    Just because we couldn’t be together in Yokohama this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the beauty and culture of this incredible location! By signing up for the RISE VIP Program, you’ll have access to our special cultural content, as well as health and wellness activities to enhance your focus and overall wellbeing.
  1. Opportunities to Engage with Exciting Global Partners
    RISE stands for Rebuild, Invest, Sustain, Evolve. This year, the JCI RISE VIP Program will incorporate these ideas and our partnerships in a special way. We’re excited to share more about this soon. 

We’ve only mentioned some of our exciting plans for the 2020 JCI World Congress and RISE VIP Online Program. There will be even more ways to connect, learn and grow during our first ever Online World Congress. We’ll offer some sneak peeks as the event gets closer, so make sure you’re following us on social media!

Registration link

Events/ActivitiesCore Congress OnlineJCI RISE VIP Online
Online access to Official JCI Business, such as General Assemblies and meetingsXX
Opening, Awards, Closing Ceremonies and networking parties with members from around the worldXX
Yokohama keynote speakersXX
All Morning ShowsX
Exclusive workshops, trainings, keynotes and panels on topics like sustaining and rebuilding economiesX
Business Speed NetworkingX
Bonus cultural / health and wellness contentX
And much more!X

*The Yokohama Conference Organizing Committee is creating an in-person program for those able to travel to Japan. This will be similar to the Core Congress Online Program. Details will be shared soon! Please note that all travel will be dependent on regulations by the local and national governments, and in-person attendees must abide by the safety restrictions put in place.

All official JCI business, including the General Assembly and elections, will be done virtually and made available for JCI members to watch online during the first week of the conference, 24 October-2 November.