JCI Admin to be replaced by new course: JCI Explore

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As we constantly develop leaders for a changing world, the Skills Development Committee and Skills Development Manager are working hard to develop more advanced courses that will enable young enterprising leaders to meet up with the growing challenges in the World. JCI Explore is a foundational course that is in progress to be launched at the 2020 World Congress. This course is a combinationation of JCI Admin and JCI Impact and has been reviewed and updated to better serve members.

By this notice, beginning 23 October 2020, JCI Admin will no longer be recognized as an official JCI course. It will be replaced by JCI Explore, a new course we are launching at the 2020 World Congress. If you have already registered to participate in the course after 23 October 2020, please be aware that it will not count as an official course.

JCI Explore will cover many of the same topics as JCI Admin, such as the structure, roles and administrative components of Local Organizations. This new course will also include updated exercises that will allow for a deeper understanding and exploration of leadership. Participants can expect to learn more about how to be a good leader and follower, as well as how to be a leader within JCI. 

Stay tuned for the official course launch coming soon!

In the meantime, make sure you check out our most recent course: Engage, Empower, Grow. This course provides effective strategies for recruiting and retaining new members, so that they can grow and thrive as leaders in JCI. Many trainers are now available to facilitate this new course, so organize a session today!