New Course Launch: JCI Explore!

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We are happy to announce the debut of a new official course: JCI Explore as of today, October 26, 2020!

As the second course in JCI’s new series of Foundational Courses, JCI Explore helps people who are in their first years of membership to learn what it means to be a leader within JCI. Through group activities and discussion, participants will explore the roles of leaders and followers and why both are critical to creating movements. They will also discover the leadership opportunities available within the JCI organization and learn how to effectively manage and administer Local Organizations. This interactive and engaging course is specifically designed to guide newer JCI members towards leadership development opportunities, so that they may turn challenges into opportunities for themselves and others.

This course will replace the current JCI Admin course. If you have already taken JCI Admin, you have until the end of December 2020 to mark yourself as available to train JCI Explore. From January 2021 onward, JCI Admin will no longer count as a prerequisite to train JCI Explore, and it will change to Free Course status.

No need to wait to take advantage of this new course – you can enjoy JCI Explore at the 2020 JCI World Congress in both English and Spanish! Please note you must be signed up to the JCI RISE VIP program to participate. Learn more about the full RISE VIP Program and register here.

If you have any further questions, please contact Skills Development Manager Comfort Nkiri at [email protected].