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Outstanding JCI Members, Organizations and Projects Recognized at 2020 JCI World Congress Awards Ceremony

The 2020 JCI World Congress certainly didn’t turn out as we may have anticipated at the beginning of the year, but JCI members still made it an unforgettable two-week event! While some regional attendees were able to gather in Yokohama, the majority gathered online to experience ceremonies, engage with partner organizations and connect in a totally new way.

On November 6, the Yokohama Congress Organizing Committee and JCI World Headquarters aired the 2020 JCI Awards Ceremony on Facebook and Swapcard. Each year, JCI members, organizations and projects are recognized for their lasting and positive effects in society. This year was an especially challenging year, but JCI members rose to the occasion. From all over the world, people tuned in to celebrate these impressive achievements.

After the ceremony, all of the award winners, including this year’s TOYP, were invited to a special Award Winners Reception. This private event was a new and innovative way to make all of the winners feel special, even in an online context. Through breakout rooms, everyone could network and share a little more about themselves and their projects.

In case you missed it, we have listed all of the award winners here. JCI RISE VIP registrants can also rewatch the Ceremony through January 1 on the Swapcard platform!


Most Outstanding National President

Mark Joseph David, JCI Paranaque Pambato, Philippines

Known as a modern, compassionate and visionary leader, Mark Joseph David makes it his goal to lead by example. In the past year, he has taken initiative to update the JCI Philippines website and encouraged members to move their activities online during quarantine. He initiated two major projects – “Oplan Kasgaplay” and “Got Heart” – a disaster response and preparedness program and a medical mission program, respectively. His impressive response in the wake of COVID-19 continued through his cooperation with the government’s Department of Finance to pass a bill helping businesses negatively affected by pandemic. His theme for JCI Philippines this year was “Mould and Motivate,” and he made it his goal to inspire members to become agents of positive change. His enthusiastic participation in local and national activities and open-minded approach to leadership has strengthened the organization by empowering others and encouraging new ideas.

Most Outstanding Local President

Karishma Ansaram, JCI Curepipe, Mauritius

Described by her fellow JCI members as having the “secret recipe” for leadership, Karishma has worn the cape of a friend, mentor, facilitator, strategist and team player in her organization. Her leadership ingredients lay in her ability to build a friendly environment while also fostering responsibility and accountability amongst members. During her year as Local President of JCI Curepipe, she has made it her mission to get to know and engage each member of her local organization in projects and events which led to zero-member turnover in 2019 and 90% engagement on projects. She has been an active mentor to new members joining JCI Curepipe and project directors have always had her unwavering support. At the national level, Karishma has offered her help as facilitator and ensured that support is offered on national projects. Helping to lead one of the youngest boards in JCI Curepipe history, Karishma has been strategic in her approach, equipping board members with tools that help them in their roles, constantly reviewing the responsibilities of each board member to ensure they have the empowerment they need to help the organization thrive. She is a wonderful leader and mentor to all and showcases the morals and values of good leadership that make JCI strong. 

Most Outstanding New Member

Peggy Teh Pei Yi, JCI United Penang, Malaysia

Joining JCI United Penang at the end of 2017, Peggy Teh Pei Yi has been an active member and highly engaged in her short tenure. Since joining, Peggy has been an organizing chairperson or committee member for 30 projects. Some of these commitments include Chinese New Year Charity Luncheon, E-Awards Workshop Treasurer, World Clean Up Day and recently serving as the Financial Freedom Mindset Chairperson. Her active collaboration with fellow JCI members and her dedication to being a leader in different ways has led to her being awarded the Most Inspiring Member award for nine consecutive months. Her enthusiasm for environmental issues, public awareness and community outreach makes her a great testament to JCI values.

Most Outstanding Member

Mikkel Kaffka Schwarz, JCI København, Denmark

Over the course of 2019, Mikkel has taken on responsibilities to develop JCI locally, nationally and internationally. In his local efforts, Mikkel has worked in JCI Copenhagen to support the strong onboarding program by ensuring that new members are well onboarded. He was a host for 11 guests arranging a “Flying Start” (intro to JCI) for nine new members and organized “Presenter” for the local organization. Nationally, Mikkel helped to manage the Danish award program, certified as a judge and trainer in the national debating competition and is supporting the national organization of “World Cleanup Day” with 11 chapters. At the international level, Mikkel was a passionate trainer at the European Academy and was honored to be chosen to host a training course at the World Congress in Tallinn. An active member of his community, Mikkel has been active in local politics, contributing to improving the public debating level and enforcing democracy. Not only does Mikkel spend time actively participating in local democracy, he strives to promote education as well, serving as a judge in the Danish entrepreneur-competition “Young Enterprise,” giving high-school students a chance to pitch their business ideas. A shining example of serving others, Mikkel embodies what it means to be an active young leader. 


Most Outstanding New Local Organization

JCI George Town, Malaysia 

Eager to be a Local Organization that strives to support local community and enterprise, JCI George Town has been helping create impactful and sustainable CSR programs through NGO partnerships. Using their plan of action, JCI members helped with recruitment strategies by using social media, creating the flagship project “Spreading Love Through Education,” enacting team building activities and even conducting surveys to see the needs of members and how to improve. Overall, the organization has already hosted 34 training courses, onboarded 10 new members who became trainers and helped over 200 people with a self-enrichment program. Members of JCI George Town are working hard to create a lasting legacy as an empowered and sustainable Local Organization.  

Most Outstanding Local Organization

JCI Salta, Argentina

Passionately following the strategic plans set forth by their National Organization, JCI Argentina, JCI Salta strives to foster a collaborative culture and unite all sectors of society. They focus on providing opportunities for continuous development, allowing members to take on greater responsibility and greater action over time. One of their projects – “Big Bang Emprendedor” – was attended by more than 200 young people and resulted in eight new entrepreneurial projects. Always committed to empowering others and designing sustainable solutions, JCI Salta has experienced exponential growth year over year since its founding in 2015.


Best Local Economic Development Program

Open Sky, JCI Hammamet, Tunisia

In Tunisia, local economic growth is connected to the tourism sector, where many are employed. Due to restrictions from Tunisian aviation companies, however, hotels are going unfilled, which is an even greater hardship when tourism is only seasonal. Using the Active Citizen Framework, JCI Hammamet organized the Open Sky Conference to investigate and analyze the factors contributing to economic problems in Tunisia in order to make economic growth sustainable. They engaged government officials and the Minister of Tourism in order to promote the new aviation policy, with the intention of bringing in new tourism and revenue streams. Over 200 participants from the local community were present, and they used more than three channels to reach 80,000 people.

Best Local Corporate  Social Responsibility Program

One Community Project, One Moment Of Patience JCI Capital, Mongolia 

Working with the Mongolian Police Authority, JCI Capital implemented their “One Moment of Patience” campaign to address the growing issue of assaults, a particularly harmful yet preventable crime. Knowing that young people were committing many of these crimes, more than half of which while under the influence of alcohol, JCI Capital chose to use social media as the main channel to reach young people with their campaign. Since then, it has garnered support from more than 124,554 people –  from government, arts and culture, sports and more. Corporate sponsors have reached out to help continue the campaign and build a better and safer community. Stakeholders from all sectors are rallying behind the cause to make a difference. JCI Capital’s campaign was widely recognized for its effectiveness, and for the first time in five years, assaults decreased by 20.8% nationwide.

Best Local Peace Project

Act for Peace Week JCI Curepipe, Mauritius

With the aim of educating and encouraging the public to reflect on peace activism, JCI Curepipe organized an Act for Peace Week with a variety of activities. Through speeches, art sessions, performances and donations, their Act for Peace Week has impacted more than 200 young kids. In collaboration with representatives and teachers from Kids for Peace Chapters, JCI Curepipe wants to develop a curriculum for peace activities that can be adopted by other schools and NGOs. This project resulted in four new partnerships for the organization, three NGOs and one business, who have been assigned a liaison in order to maintain a prosperous relationship into the future. More than 30% of the organization took part in this project, which has awakened the public to the importance of acting for peace.

Best Local Growth and Development Program

Voice it Out JCI Tartus, Syria

In order to provide young people the opportunity to showcase their potential and talents, JCI Tartus created the Voice it Out project to engage in focused group discussions and workshops to amplify the skills young people possess. It culminated in a showcase of these talents at the local Cultural Center. This project gave young people a platform to share their thoughts, beliefs and skills openly, without fear or restriction. Voice it Out received national media attention, and it sparked a new program, JCI Potentials, which develops future members. Living up to the chapter’s 2020 slogan – “Everyone is a Leader” – this project empowered young and aspiring leaders to take charge of their own individual development and improvement.

Best Local Community Empowerment Program

Power Of Sport JCI Nagano, Japan

To create mutual understanding between people with disabilities and people without disabilities, JCI Nagano aimed to promote community integration and the experience of joy through the “Power of Sport.” Noting it is necessary to learn more about others to eliminate misunderstandings and prejudices, this Local Organization encouraged person-to-person interaction in order to build empathy. JCI Nagano conducted study sessions to better understand the perspectives of people with disabilities, hosted a volleyball event experience and coordinated public meetings to help bring about more awareness and understanding in the community. A great example of uniting all sectors of society for greater impact, JCI Nagano and the “Power of Sport” project connected various organizations that support people with disabilities but had been previously working independently.

Best Long-term Community Program

Life Matters JCI Leader, Mongolia

According to the World Health Organization, Mongolia has the world’s highest rate of liver cancer, as well as the highest mortality rate from the disease. Since 2014, JCI Leader has collaborated with the National Cancer Center, National Center of Maternal and Child Health, and the Disabled People’s Association to raise public awareness of Hepatitis B and C viruses leading to cancer. Together they provided medical tests to diagnose the viruses, vaccines to prevent the disease and palliative care for those who are suffering. They even constructed a palliative care center built with eco-friendly materials to bring comfort to inpatients in the National Cancer Center. 100% of members in the Local Organization were involved with the project, and they successfully initiated a nationwide movement – “Whole Liver Mongolia” – after receiving recognition for the project from the government. The project aims to eliminate infections of Hepatitis B and C among the full population of 3 million by 2020.

Best Local Personal Skills Development Program

EK Academy JCI East Kowloon, Hong Kong

JCI East Kowloon set out to combat long working hours with the idea of empathetic leadership, believing it is the true key to business success. Through workshops and training, they encouraged people to lead with heart instead of in a solely profit-focused way. They empowered potential leaders by teaching them the design thinking method to create sustainable solutions with creativity. The long-term goal is that participants take what they learn in this training, advance up the corporate ladder and make a real cultural impact in their workplace. Hopefully they can then cultivate a culture of empathy, with proper work-life balance. Because of this program JCI East Kowloon had new people join the organization, they had new members aspire to officer or board member positions and they had members take an interest in programs like public speaking and debating with their newfound confidence.

Best Inter-Organization Collaboration Project

Restore vitality after recovery from disaster JCI Kure, Japan

In response to a natural disaster, JCI Kure collaborated with several other Local Organizations in Japan to provide relief efforts to restore the vitality of the town. More than 3,000 homes couldn’t access their water line for about a month, and the drop in tourism hit the economy hard. Immediately after the disaster, JCI Kure was involved in setting up the Kure Disaster Volunteer Center, and the president of 2018 JCI Kure was appointed as the director of the volunteer center. Members cooperated with a total of 35 Local Organizations and 39,000 volunteers to bring in water, food and supplies and remove mud and other waste. They coordinated summer festivals to boost peoples’ spirits as well. By signing a disaster agreement with Kure City and the Kure City Council of Social Welfare, JCI Kure has been able to build a system to smoothly carry out recovery and reconstruction activities after the disaster, making it a disaster-resistant city.

Best Local Global Goals Project

Adult Commitment Day – Lead The Future JCI Pan Mac, Macao

Young people account for 12% of Macao’s population, but most of them do not have a clear vision about their future or their role within their society. Noticing this, JCI Pan Mac initiated “Adult Commitment Day” to encourage young people to become future leaders who will create positive and lasting change. The program has been running successfully for twenty years, and the organization has developed a very positive reputation within the community, advancing their project structure over time to develop sustainable solutions. Each year, “Adult Commitment Day” designs new themes to inspire self-awareness and empower personal development with opportunities based on current community needs. Through training, mentorship, and project development and execution, “Adult Commitment Day” empowers young people to enhance their leadership skills and use those skills to benefit their society.

Most Outstanding Local Project

Power of Sport JCI Nagano, Japan

To create mutual understanding between people with disabilities and people without disabilities, JCI Nagano aimed to promote community integration and the experience of joy through the “Power of Sport.” Noting it is necessary to learn more about others to eliminate misunderstandings and prejudices, this Local Organization encouraged person-to-person interaction in order to build empathy. JCI Nagano conducted study sessions to better understand the perspectives of people with disabilities, hosted a volleyball event experience and coordinated public meetings to help bring about more awareness and understanding in the community. A great example of uniting all sectors of society for greater impact, JCI Nagano and the “Power of Sport” project connected various organizations that support people with disabilities but had been previously working independently.

Best National Flagship Program

Friendly Business Awards JCI Dublin, Ireland

Developing young leaders means honoring great businesses in the community. The Friendly Business Awards is a project developed by JCI Dublin that serves to highlight businesses who excelled in customer service across a number of categories which included digital experience, customer care, community impact, age friendliness, eco friendliness, shop layout & design and disability access. JCI branches across Ireland hosted local events where the friendliest businesses in each area were awarded. Winners advanced to a national final, where the winners were crowned at a big ceremony as a way to strengthen existing partnerships, form new connections, integrate business into JCI and even attract new members. Membership numbers grew by over 10% as a result of this project and JCI Dublin acquired new local and national partners, a true testament to collaboration and innovation within JCI. 


World Debating Championship (English)

JCI United Kingdom

  • Chris Adamson
  • Pieter Bruyninckx
  • Michael Rothon

World Debating Championship (French)

JCI Tunisia

  • Yassmine Ben Hamida
  • Taissyr Staali
  • Ilef Mlaouah

World Public Speaking Championship

Michael Mayers, JCI West Indies