CYE and the Four Areas of Opportunity

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With the recent announcement of the Creative Young Entrepreneur program, we wanted to take some time and look more closely at how this international competition aligns with our quintessential Four Areas of Opportunity at JCI. It is important that no matter which respective JCI program a member participates in that these ideals are upheld and kept at the forefront of their entrepreneurial work. 

Individual Development  

This program will allow for the unique opportunity for participants to publicly pitch their business ideas to a jury of experts and a live audience. All participants at the Area Conference level will get access to a training and mentoring development session. If you become one of the candidates selected to compete at the World Congress, you will be also be invited to a special one-day training/mentoring session in the days preceding the Congress before pitching in front of a jury of potential investors. We are interested in helping you develop! Before that however, you must show us how you have developed yourself.

Business and Entrepreneurship 

The core of the CYE program is to showcase your businesses, whether they are in the startup phase, concept development or already in business for under 18 months. We will want you to explain your business model, your marketing position, your strategic goals and how your venture will begin to earn a profit and become sustainable. 

Community Action 

How does your CYE project involve the community? JCI encourages competitive, pragmatic and entrepreneurial thinking – but being an ethical leader and business owner are also directly tied to JCI’s values. We want to see how your business benefits not just yourself, but also the positive effects it has on its employees, customers and its surrounding community. A huge pillar of the JCI RISE Initiative is focused on supporting the workforce, so taking actions in line with the principles of RISE should be integral to any forward thinking JCI entrepreneur. 

International Collaboration  

Maybe your business has potential for not only local and national markets but international ones as well. The most capable and efficient organizations are the ones that build connections and can scale up globally. Describe how the future success of your company could lead to healthy growth of the market. It’s important when planning something to look to the future and pursue friendships from around the world whilst also tapping into our global network to find a customer, a supplier, a business partner, an investor or a mentor. As a global community of enterprising young leaders and international citizens, we are strongest when we collaborate together.
With this in mind, encourage your fellow JCI members to apply for the CYE program! All nominations must be submitted online, so make sure to complete your application for CYE today and show off those entrepreneurial skills and visionary efforts! The online application may be accessed after paying a $50 USD submission fee, which can be done on the JCI Store. Once the fee is paid, access to the application will be granted. For more information on the program, view the CYE toolkit on the JCI library or our Trello board.