JCI and WBAF to collaborate on new projects in 2021

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ST. LOUIS, USA, March 8, 2021 – JCI (Junior Chamber International) and the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) strengthened their ongoing partnership on 21 February, symbolized by the signing of a 2021 Memorandum of Understanding. 2021 JCI President Ryubun Kojima and WBAF Executive Chairman and JCI Ambassador Baybars Altuntaş both signed this agreement with the goal of addressing some of the world’s most pressing economic challenges together by promoting financial and digital inclusion, female leadership, business development and entrepreneurial skills development for the young generations.

“With this agreement, the Research Institute of the World Business Angels Investment Forum and Junior Chamber International will further their partnership by collaborating on entrepreneurship projects such as the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur program and a global survey on youth entrepreneurship in 2021,” President Ryubun Kojima said. “The findings of the survey will be reported to the G20 leadership, whose current presidency is held by Italy.”

The two organizations have been longtime partners, and continue to have a fruitful and innovative relationship. Most recently, in November 2020 JCI and WBAF came together with an official 2020 Memorandum of Understanding to address the world’s largest economic obstacles and the paths leading to a more prosperous future. Together, JCI and WBAF have delved into many topics crucial to supporting economies, ensuring that businesses flourish and providing opportunities for youth leadership and female entrepreneurship worldwide. 

With this  renewed partnership, JCI acknowledges that its work is far from over. It’s important at JCI that our members seize everyday as a continued opportunity to enact the JCI RISE initiative with WBAF by rebuilding economies, supporting the workforce and preserving mental health in response to the global pandemic.

For more information about JCI’s partnerships, the JCI RISE Initiative, or the Creative Young Entrepreneur program, visit juniorchamber.international.

About JCI

JCI, a global leadership organization, provides personal and professional development opportunities to young leaders ages 18 to 40. Through its international network of 110 countries around the world, JCI unites government, business and civil society and empowers the leaders of tomorrow to turn challenges into opportunities today. For more information, visit juniorchamber.international 

About WBAF

As an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) is committed to collaborating globally to empower the economic development of the world by fostering innovative financial instruments for startups, scaleups, innovators, entrepreneurs and SMEs and to promoting gender equality and women’s participation in all sectors of the world economy. WBAF invites you to join our global efforts to ease access to finance, promote financial inclusion, and create more jobs and social justice.