JCI RISE Project Sharing Form Now Open

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For the last year through the JCI RISE framework, JCI members have been leading vital initiatives to kickstart economies, revitalize businesses and support mental health. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, JCI organizations have faced new, more difficult challenges than ever before. However, by targeting local economies and focusing on getting people back to work safely, members have truly risen to the occasion. 

Now that a full year has passed since the start of the pandemic, we want to hear more about your #RISEwithJCI projects! A new form has been created for you to submit your JCI RISE initiatives. Show the world how you’re working to make economies and workforces more resilient for the future as we face the impact of COVID-19 together.

“We are all here to help you and to make JCI’s global network speak with one voice, move in one direction towards one future whilst anchoring our global organization in economic reality,” JCI Secretary General Kevin Hin said. “As a global leadership organization we must take the lead on helping rebuild economies and preserving the voice of young people.” 

Successful projects – like those shared during JCI Europe’s National Presidents meeting – have not only helped reinvigorate and rebuild economies, they’ve also helped spread the word about JCI as an organization.

One of the many innovative RISE programs displayed at this meeting was the Mini MBA mentoring and business program initiated by JCI Romania. This project aimed to help small businesses grow, specifically targeting local and JCI entrepreneurs with an established one-three year old business to provide the know-how, networking, and media opportunities and exposure that a young business owner needs. They contributed to building sustainable and profitable businesses, and investment opportunities while also attracting new members who adhere to JCI’s values. Despite the difficulties of COVID-19, JCI Romania was able to provide offline hybrid meetings with continuous support from the organizers and mentors. 

By sharing RISE projects like JCI Romania did, we can build and improve our database of all the important work our members accomplish. We want to give your hard work and perseverance the recognition it is due – and the knowledge gained from your efforts will help current and future members with projects of their own

Eventually, projects submitted through this form will be available on the new JCI Virtual Community, where anyone can enjoy and appreciate our history of building a better future for everyone. This new Project Gallery will become a place where we can store legacy knowledge and help inspire future members to create their own projects.

Share your JCI RISE project today! https://go.jci.cc/rise2021