JCI announces Club 100 Program for new partnerships

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JCI is excited to introduce a brand-new opportunity for future and existing partners – the JCI Club 100 program. JCI is invested in collaborating with partners who share similar values and goals and are interested in creating a better world by sponsoring the next generation of leaders. 

We believe that it is important to honor those who support talented young people around the world on their journey to become tomorrow’s business and societal leaders,” Lutz Kohne, JCI Senior Manager for Corporate Partnerships said. “We are presenting this JCI Club 100 program to better organize the flow of recognition and benefits that our partners deserve, and to provide a VIP space for our partner companies’ heads to connect and exchange across industry sectors.”

The JCI Club 100 program offers four tiers that partnerships can choose to be a part of. Each tier offers a different selection of benefits with the highest level being Platinum, then Gold, Silver, and Bronze. As a launch offer, all partnership agreements signed this year will last until December 2022. 

Bottom line
If you choose to become a Platinum partner, you would receive the following full benefits as return on investment for your sponsorship until December 2022:

  • Visibility in all print and digital media including corporate channel on JCI Virtual Community and monthly newsletters showcasing the company and presentation on JCI Club 100 page 
  • Business Networking Sessions with JCI Members at JCI World Congress and Area Conferences 
  • Speaking opportunities at all regional JCI Events 
  • Speaking opportunities at global JCI Events 
  • Complimentary VIP Registration for one Area Conference of choice 
  • Complimentary VIP Registration for JCI World Congress. 

One of the great, new JCI Club 100 members we are excited to collaborate with is Brainswork, located in Frankfurt, Germany. At Brainswork, they co-create future business models, define strategies, help organize future teams and then recruit people for those teams. By helping their customers examine how various facets of the future will affect them and how to create synergies to unleash future potential, Brainswork is a company that perfectly aligns with JCI on it’s focus on individual development of young entrepreneurs.

“Brainswork decided to become a JCI Club 100 member as we believe in the large networking possibilities of JCI, and we want to contribute in sponsoring the next generation of leaders,” said Sven Damm, CVO and Business Owner of Brainswork. “Our world is facing some enormous challenges, and we believe that leadership and focusing on future possibilities is the key to overcoming them.” Click here to visit Brainswork’s website.

For more information on exactly which tiers receive which benefits and how our Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE) and Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP) title sponsors are included in the JCI Club 100, please visit our Trello board or at juniorchamber.international  . If you are interested or know someone interested in joining the JCI Club 100, make sure to access this easy to fill out JCI Club 100 application form

About JCI

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