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The JCI Action Framework: Developing Leaders for a Changing World

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We are excited to announce JCI’s newest tool, the JCI Action Framework! We have created this guide as a flexible and unique problem-solving tool to help members develop their skills and create strong JCI actions that are centered around the 4 Areas of Opportunity:

  • Individual development through leadership and personal development trainings
  • Business and entrepreneurship through flagship programs like Creative Young Entrepreneur
  • Community impact through projects anchored in economic reality through the JCI RISE initiative to help sustain and rebuild economies, motivate the workforce through youth entrepreneurship, and promote mental health awareness
  • International cooperation through exciting and innovative events and valuable partner organizations

But what about the Active Citizen Framework?

The JCI Action Framework directly replaces the former JCI Active Citizen Framework (ACF) and will be the new lens used to guide our actions and to add value to our members. It is imperative that the ACF is no longer used in JCI training or referred to in messaging so that we may all correctly align as a global organization and rise with one vision towards One Future. 

While the ACF was originally used to develop and monitor strictly local community and humanitarian projects, the JCI Action Framework is an expanded version that is applicable to a much broader range of actions and opportunities catering to all of our members, from national to international levels. Making use of this new framework will create a host of benefits by enhancing your local or national JCI organization’s brand visibility, boosting your membership growth and retention and increasing your financial sustainability. 

As our commitment to JCI RISE continues and our Creative Young Entrepreneur program opens for submissions, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin when approaching these expansive programs. To combat this, the JCI Action Framework is an organized and easy to follow guide on how to approach any JCI-related challenge. By using the four steps, Analyze, Develop, Execute, and Review, members can create an iterative process to ensure that the solutions provide lasting impact and added value to JCI on the local, national or international levels.
To read a more detailed analysis and applicable examples of each of these steps, make sure to read more on our JCI library or Trello board. Whether a member wants to make economic impact through local job creation, develop personal skills, organize an international event or promote youth entrepreneurship, the JCI Action Framework provides a roadmap for members to tackle these challenges and transform them into extraordinary opportunities