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America Selects JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Judges

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There has been a lot of exciting news regarding Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE) and the 2021 JCI Conference of America recently! From CYE now having incredibly lucrative prizes for top winners, to the official registrations for the Conference of America opening for members, there’s no better time to be excited about these two events! 

To celebrate all these great developments, join us as we learn a little more about the CYE judges for the Conference of America! These innovative and entrepreneurial leaders each have an impressive resume and will be huge assets in assessing and improving the business ventures of CYE contestants. 

Adding even more value to the CYE experience, each of these CYE judges will also be leading a special seminar in their area of expertise. These judges are here not just to evaluate the projects, but to share their skills and expert know-how in their respective field through expert preparation sessions. 

This top quality training, which will take place on May 30, 2021, will be available only to CYE registrants. 

This provides even more reason to register now for the conference so that you don’t miss out on this amazing JCI experience!

Jay Johnson: Design Thinking

Jay Johnson is an internationally renowned motivational keynote speaker specializing in behavior and organizational performance. Jay has given keynotes and workshops in 20 countries across four continents, empowering audiences with a unique perspective on behavior, communication and leadership.

Jay’s 2018 TEDx talk demonstrating a new approach to dealing with difficult people was what established Coeus Creative Group as a thought leader in the world of behavioral intelligence. In 2020, the Forbes Business Council invited Jay to its prestigious membership to share perspectives of Behavioral Science and its application to business.

Jay holds a master’s degree in Communication, is a designated Master Trainer from the ATD, and was twice honored with the Excellence in Training Award by the APCC. Jay was named “Top Trainer” in 2017, and again in 2019 in a special “All-Star” edition by the ATD Detroit.

Ivette Cáceres: Business Plan

Ivette Cáceres has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Masters in Human Talent Management. She has certifications in Project Management, Executive Coaching and Entrepreneurship. Since 2010, she has run her company Instituto Brain, a training and consultancy firm that promotes creativity and entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic.

She also works as the academic director and professor of the BBA in Barna Management School.  During her JCI career she served as Executive Vice President for America in 2013, American Development Council Director 2012, JCI Vice President 2008 and National President of Dominican Republic 2007.

Thaynan Mariano: Corporate Social Responsibility

Entrepreneur, Consultant and Speaker, specialist in Strategic Marketing, Gamification and Leadership. Currently, Thaynan is a director at Ideia Labs, a new business development company in the south of Brazil, and holds the office of 2021 JCI Vice President, assigned to Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Suriname and Uruguay. 

Thaynan lived in Ireland for three years where he led an international team as Marketing and Sales Director at a marketing agency and made over 1 million euros in sales.

Tia (Kaiwen) Wan: Sales

Tia Wan is the Founder and CEO of Palapod, a platform that connects young changemakers. She was employee #2 at a real estate private equity startup, playing a pivotal role in the team fundraising over $20 million USD this past year. Previously she worked at Lenovo, Nissan Motor and an investment bank in Beijing. Growing up in a small town in China without access to many resources, Ms. Wan realized her passion for entrepreneurship early on and developed a life-long passion to foster the next generation of problem solvers. 

Rajiv Hieralal: Raising Capital and Resources

Rajiv Hieralal is the founder and CEO of the software development company APPTASTIC N.V. He is also the founder of Ai One, the first mobile ecommerce app of Suriname. His most recent endeavor has been the conceptualization and development of Silicon Dorp, an innovation ecosystem for Suriname.

Rajiv has a background in Information Technology and is currently doing a master’s program in Data Science Management. He is a graduate of President Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) and was a 2018 JCI Vice President.

Rajiv is an executive board member of the ICT Association of Suriname, and is passionate about entrepreneurship and utilizing technology for good in combination with the United Nations SDGs. 

Maria Brasil: Branding

Maria Brasil is passionate about building brands with soul, emotion and essence and is a specialist in Strategic Communication and Brand Management from the Federal University of Bahia. Not only that, but Maria has studied with numerous other universities including the Universidad Europea de Madrid, European Design Institute and New York University.

She is the founder of Essence Branding, a consultancy for building brand platforms based on the essence and purpose of the business, President of the National Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, Representative of Brazil at the G20 YEA and at the Federación Iberoamericana de Jóvenes Empresarios and Director of LIDE Futuro Bahia.

Author of the book “O Discurso do Réu”, she writes about topics such as Purpose, Conscious Capitalism and the new business models connected to communication and marketing with a light and fun outlook.

A TEDx Speaker and International speaker, she also teaches MBA classes, lectures, courses and workshops in the areas of Business, Women Entrepreneurship and Branding.

Creative Young Entrepreneur Program Registration deadlines:

Conference of America: May 24 2021

European Conference: May 31, 2021

Africa and the Middle East Conference: May 31, 2021

Asia-Pacific Conference: July 5, 2021

Put those hard-earned skills and experience to use by registering today and in turn, reap the rewards of access to expert training and advice and the potential to win $5,000 USD at the area conference and $10,000 USD as a Grand Prize at the World Congress! With these exciting changes, the application fee remains at $50 USD and applicants must meet the 18-40 age requirement. Access the application at the JCI Store and apply today!