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Creative Young Entrepreneur: Grand Prize Revealed for Competition Winners at Area Conferences and World Congress

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With the desire to keep pushing innovation forward, we have, thanks to the outstanding kindness and generosity of benefactors amongst our global membership, namely 2021 JCI President Ryubun Kojima and 2021 JCI Vice President Pheng Kouch, secured substantial cash prizes for winners of the Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE) program at the four Area Conferences and at the World Congress!

The four first place winners in the Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE) Area Conference program will now receive a $5,000 USD prize! This prize is thanks to the kind support of 2021 JCI President Ryubun Kojima who, in the ever-prevalent spirit of collaboration, has graciously donated $20,000 USD to further the development of enterprising young leaders around the world.

The first-place participants from each of the Area Conferences will be able to take this $5,000 prize and improve their businesses even more – however all of the CYE contestants will be able to take tangible gains from the competition! Second-place CYE winners will receive a free ticket to a 2022 Area Conference. The top 3 candidates from each Area Conference will be invited to pitch at the World Congress for the title of Global Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year. 

We are also happy to announce that this Global Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year will win at the JCI World Congress a Global Grand Prize of $10,000 USD, thanks to the generous support of 2021 JCI Vice President Pheng Kouch who has pledged this amount for the next three years. He will therefore be donating a total of $30,000 USD in prize money over 2021, 2022 and 2023 in order to ensure the sustainability of CYE as a global JCI project, providing long-term support to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the JCI RISE initiative. Second-place CYE winners will receive a free ticket to the 2022 World Congress.  

All participants who register for CYE at the 2021 Area Conferences will receive complementary training and mentoring valued at thousands of dollars. This training, delivered by jury members who are top entrepreneurs, CEOs and angel investors from each area, is for everyone who pays the $50 application fee, providing a huge return on investment that will supercharge the future earning potential of your business.

In addition to this exciting new amendment, and with the continued goal of providing the opportunity to as many young entrepreneurs as possible, several other key changes have been made to expand the admission rules of the CYE program.

Rules Expanded to Accept More Businesses

Originally, companies competing in the CYE application process had to be 18 months old. However, after careful consideration of how many startups have been affected due to the global impact of COVID-19, the window of opportunity has been opened! Now, companies that have been launched any time after 1 January 2018 (therefore up to 40 months old) are also eligible to apply, in addition to business ideas that have not yet been officially launched. 

Open to More Applicants

A driving force in JCI is to support and educate up-and-coming entrepreneurs, especially during challenging times – this is the main momentum behind the JCI RISE initiative, after all. We have therefore opened CYE to not only current JCI members, but to any and all interested applicants. A non-JCI member simply just needs to be endorsed by a current member or JCI Senator, and they can participate with no strings attached, as long as they are 18 to 40. With these expanded rules, we’re living by the goals set forth in JCI RISE to support businesses, creative leadership and motivate new entrepreneurs to make meaningful steps forward in their professional careers.

Expansive Language Guidelines

Applications must still be submitted in English, but can be translated into Spanish or French if the applicant requests. There will be live translations of the contests at the Conference of America for Spanish, and at the Africa and the Middle East Conference in French. As such, business pitches can be submitted for these conferences in Spanish or French respectively if the applicants are more comfortable with these languages, however, English pitches are still highly encouraged.

CYE Application Deadlines Extended

In light of these new changes, JCI will reopen registration for the 2021 JCI Conference of America and extend the 2021 JCI European Conference deadline! Africa & the Middle East and Asia & the Pacific program deadlines will remain the same. Make sure to accurately update your calendars with the proper application closing dates listed below:

America Conference: May 24, 2021

Africa & the Middle East Conference: May 31, 2021

European Conference: May 31, 2021

Asia-Pacific Conference: July 5, 2021

Put those hard-earned skills and experience to use by registering today and in turn, reap the rewards of access to expert training and advice and the potential to win $5,000 USD at the area conference and $10,000 USD as a Grand Prize at the World Congress! With these exciting changes, the application fee remains at $50 USD and applicants must meet the 18-40 age requirement. Access the application at the JCI Store and apply today!