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Explore the Online 2021 JCI European Conference

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All times are Central European Time (GMT+2)

The 2021 European Conference takes place this year as an online only event from 10 to 13 June 2021. By “Connecting Leaders”, JCI will bring together some of the most ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs from Europe and elsewhere in an effort to unite us in our organization’s goals as we help sustain and rebuild economies affected by the global pandemic with the JCI RISE initiative. This theme touches on every pillar of JCI by strengthening the Individual, connecting Businesses, nurturing our global JCI Community and giving birth to new International relationships. Every attendant will find that with it’s inspiring list of programs and interactive opportunities, this event will help build every individual member stronger, thus fortifying the greater ambitions of JCI, to develop leaders for a changing world.

Curious for more? Let’s delve some more into why you should attend this novel conference! 

Connecting Leaders – The 2021 Theme 

JCI’s European leaders recognize the immense potential of collaboration and plan to focus on this relevant topic. Although a leader by themselves can still accomplish much, it is when many enterprising young leaders unite that true effective change can take place. JCI Europe holds a deep commitment to the development of young entrepreneurs and with this Conference will provide many of the necessary tools for JCI members to succeed. 

Incredible Opportunities with Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE)

This international competition has been created from the ground up to encourage, honor and celebrate exceptional young entrepreneurs and the role of innovation in their entrepreneurial climb to global success. 

There is a new deadline to submit CYE projects till 31 May, so now is your renewed chance to seize the day! The online application may be accessed after paying a $50 USD submission fee, which can be done on the JCI Store. Once the fee is paid, access to the application will be granted. For more information on the program, view the CYE toolkit on the JCI library or our Trello board. 

Additionally, thanks to the support of 2021 JCI President Ryubun Kojima, there is now a $5.000 USD prize available for the first place CYE winner at the European Conference. Also, the top three contestants will get the opportunity to pitch at the global CYE finals at the 2021 JCI World Congress in November and possibly win the $10.000 USD first prize! Combined with the valuable training and mentorship all CYE contestants receive, this program delivers outstanding return on investment for an aspiring entrepreneur.

If you are curious about the judges and their respective backgrounds, make sure to read more about them here.  

The High-Octane JCI European Debating Championship  

The JCI Debating Championship is a traditional, well loved program that can be found at every Conference. With carefully chosen and timely, curated topics, JCI debates are sure to have participants on the edge of their seats. During the debate, a three-person judging panel will evaluate and each round will have a winning team that advances and a losing team that is eliminated. It is a battle of wit and wills, a classic exercise of the mind, verbal agility and repartee since Ancient Greece.

Building Off Experience

When JCI’s Area Conferences had to pivot last year and the 2020 JCI European Conference needed to be held online, the teams involved developed what was, at that point, the most extensive and intensive online program in JCI history. Dozens of hours of quality (and practical) content was prepared for JCI members, and with such a strong digital foundation to build from, the Online 2021 JCI European Conference can only improve. 

A Host of Fresh Conference Organizing Committee (COC) programs

Full of expert Keynote Speakers, skills development sessions, a JCI RISE lab and other practical topics, the JCI Europe COC can guarantee that no two sessions will be alike. These events will be a space for attendees to exchange stories and experiences and work to create solutions for sustainable economic impact and growth. The many influential trainers that the COCs have curated look forward to inspiring attendees with their courses. 

As the COCs continue diligently organizing their sessions, we’ll make sure to distribute updates with concise program descriptions soon. 

Questions? You may contact [email protected] regarding any European Conference inquiries.