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2021 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference Registrations NOW OPEN

At long last, registration for the final JCI Area Conference, the 2021 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference, is now open! Taking place from August 19 to 22, this conference is jam-packed with content that is completely unique, meaning that even if you made it to the three prior area conferences, any aspiring JCI leader won’t want to miss this opportunity in the world’s largest JCI area. It will be a fresh and revitalizing experience for all the enterprising young leaders in attendance. Members will witness the final round of the Creative Young Entrepreneur competition, see Public Speaking and Debating contestants go head-to-head and also indulge in a variety of brand new Conference Organizing Committee programs. Now, let’s take a closer look at the registration process!

Note that registration for this 2021 Area Conference is a two step process: 

  1. First, prospective attendees can use this link to go to the JCI Store to purchase the registration ticket. 
  2. Once the ticket is paid for, attendees will be transported to the JCI Virtual Community (JVC) to officially register for the Conference of America! Here are the steps for this part in more detail: 
  • Log-in to your JVC account  
  • Click on “Events” then “Asia and the Pacific Conference” then “Register” 
  • Click on “Order Here” 
  • Click the PAY Button under “Full Package” or “Online Ticket” on the tab of “Order Here” 
  • Click on PAY under “Activity Rules” 
  • Choose “Single Offline Payment” and accept the payment policy. 
  • Confirm the order 
  • Click on “I have finished the payment” 
  • Input your order number 
  • Upload a copy of your JCI Store receipt 
  • Click “Submit”

Please note, it can take up to 48 hours for your registration to be confirmed so please do not wait until the last days to sign up. Prospective attendees will not be able to register until they have paid for the registration. 

If you intend to register under your national organization, contact your National Organization representative first! Then visit the JCI Virtual Community and complete the steps listed above.

Although the JCI Virtual Community is still in its beta phase ahead of its launch at the end of this year, using it as a host site for the 2021 Asia and the Pacific Conference is an important and thrilling step in getting to know the platform. If you are having problems utilizing the JCI Virtual Community during the registration process, here are two tutorial videos to guide you through the platform with ease: 

Important note: any JCI member with a current account only needs to reset their password to access the JVC! If you have an account already, follow these steps and you’ll be logged on in seconds. Please check your essential profile information, notably that your local organization is correct, before you register for the Conference. 

The 2021 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference starts at 10 A.M. Taipei Standard Time (GMT +8) on August 19, so make sure you register soon before time runs out! The Conference Organizing Committee has prepared an online program full of informative events that they are thrilled to share with JCI members, featuring exclusive content and cornerstone JCI programs such as the Creative Young Entrepreneur program.  With all the options packed into this event, attendees will have a whole host of opportunities to choose from. 

For more information about the upcoming Asia and the Pacific Conference, make sure to check out our recent News Story that provides more in-depth details! 

Let’s join everyone with the daily themes aligned with the global JCI RISE initiative and register for the 2021 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference today!