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America Selects JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Judges

Today we’re excited to announce the names and a little more about the Creative Young Entrepreneur judges for the 2022 JCI Conference of America! These innovative and entrepreneurial leaders each have an impressive resume and will be huge assets in assessing and improving the business ventures of program contestants. 

Adding even more value to the CYE experience, each of these judges will lead a special seminar in their area of expertise. These judges are here not only to evaluate the projects but also to share their skills and specialized knowledge in their respective fields through expert-guided sessions. 

Registration for the CYE program for the 2022 JCI Conference of America closes May 4, so register today! All deadlines are at 23:59 GMT. Late applications will not be considered.

Maximiliano Montañés 

Passionate about service, business, technology and providing opportunities to others, Maximiliano has had more than ten years of experience as an entrepreneur. He currently serves as director of Panalcom, a Marketing B2B company. Maximiliano has helped more than 100 companies, trained more than 1,000 people and impacted over 10,000 individuals with his work as a businessman, entrepreneur and volunteer for JCI. Although originally from Uruguay, he has lived in the United States and has traveled to more than 15 countries learning about cultures and companies. Maximiliano is always looking to connect the dots to help the companies and entrepreneurs he works with succeed.

Jay Johnson 

Jay Johnson is an internationally renowned motivational keynote speaker and organizational consultant specializing in Behavioral Intelligence. Jay has given keynotes, workshops and lectures in 27 countries across four continents, sharing his knowledge and experience to help people and organizations better understand themselves and their relationships with others. He provides training and workshops using the proprietary Behavioral Elements Program, which includes a custom-designed, research-backed assessment, and training, coaching, and transformation products through a behavioral lens. 

Jay’s 2018 TEDx talk demonstrating a new approach to dealing with difficult people was what established Coeus Creative Group as a thought leader in the world of behavioral intelligence. In 2020, the Forbes Business Council invited Jay to its prestigious membership to share perspectives on Behavioral Science and its application to business. He has also worked with international brands such as Ford Motor Company, State Farm, Consumers Energy, JCI, KFC, University of Michigan Health Systems, and Crain Communications.

Jay holds a master’s degree in Communication, is a designated Master Trainer from the ATD, and was twice honored with the Excellence in Training Award by the APCC. Jay was named “Top Trainer” in 2017, and again in 2019 in a special “All-Star” edition by the ATD Detroit.

Marcelo Duarte 

Marcelo Duarte’s professional profile is a result of blending his Executive Master of Business Administration degree, computer engineering know-how, an entrepreneurial mindset and an extensive contact network from traveling to over 35 different countries. He holds a proven track record in developing international businesses based on innovative products including a seven-figure exit. 

After many years of leading tech teams in different industries, Marcelo has a deep product-oriented mindset and a strong technical background, which informs the “Why-What-How” regarding a product vision and strategy. He has held many positions across companies including CTO, CPO, Technical Director, Product Owner, Product Manager and more. 

Thaynan Mariano Costa 

Thaynan Mariano Costa is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and specialist in strategic marketing, gamification and leadership. Currently, Thaynan is a director at Ideia Labs, a new business development company in the south of Brazil. Here he helps start and develop companies as a partner and consultant. His areas of expertise include software and mobile apps development, marketing and sales strategy, gamification, smart cities, lean startups and business models. He focuses on bridging Brazil and Europe by helping the startup ecosystem and connecting entrepreneurs.

Thaynan lived in Ireland for three years where he led an international team as Marketing and Sales Director at a marketing agency that acquired more than €1 million in sales. In his spare time, he speaks at national and international events, travels around the world, volunteers for the United Nations and blogs about fulfilling dreams, entrepreneurship and social impact.

Silvetty de la Paz  

Silvetty de la Paz is a passionate and high-energy coach, speaker and trainer focused on living and modeling a limitless life and mindset. In addition to professional coaching, Silvetty is passionate about 21st Century Skills and is a part-time lecturer on this important topic. With a corporate leadership track record of over 12 years, Silvetty focuses on providing high-impact solutions to help leaders reach their promising stage. She has also earned over 54 hours of training with Tony Robbins, taken a ten-hour workshop by Oprah Winfrey and a six-month coaching program by Valorie Burton.

Put those hard-earned skills and experience to use by registering today and in turn, reap the rewards of access to expert training and advice and the potential to win $5,000 USD at the area conference and $10,000 USD as a Grand Prize at the World Congress! You can read more about the CYE prizes here.  Access the application and apply today!