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Creative Young Entrepreneur Registration Open and Prize Updates!

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Don’t forget, registration for the Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE) program is currently open for all 2022 JCI Area Conferences! This fantastic program was met with resounding success last year and is a fantastic tool for any young entrepreneur to receive professional feedback from a prestigious panel of high quality judges. Make sure to act quickly and register before it’s too late! Final registration dates for CYE for each Area Conference and the 2022 JCI World Congress are listed below: 

Deadline for Applications and Payment of Registration Fee:

Conference of America: May 4, 2022 
Asia-Pacific Conference: May 12, 2022 
Africa & the Middle East: May 25, 2022 
European Conference: May 25, 2022 
World Congress: September 30, 2022

All deadlines are at 23:59 GMT. Late applications will not be considered. 

Prizes for CYE will also be slightly different from last year! Winners and the first runner-up will be announced at the Awards Ceremony of each Area Conference and the World Congress. 

Area Conferences 

1st Place: 
$5,000 USD and free enrollment to 2022 World Congress CYE Program
2nd Place: 
Free Registration for the corresponding 2023 Area Conference and free enrollment to 2022 World Congress CYE Program

World Congress 

1st Place: 
$10,000 USD 
2nd Place: 
Free registration for 2023 World Congress

These prizes would not be possible without the generous donation of 2022 JCI Executive Vice President Pheng Kouch. It is his $30,000 USD donation that allows us to have the $10,000 USD prize for World Congress. With his help, the sustainability of CYE as a global JCI program is ensured, providing long-term support to the spirit of entrepreneurship and embodying pillar two of the JCI RISE initiative – motivating the workforce to ensure economic growth through entrepreneurship and creativity and showing young people that being employed is not a fatality. 

All participants who register for CYE will receive access to the Global Entrepreneur Masterclass (valued at $75 USD). This is on top of the invaluable complimentary training and mentoring that is a core part of the CYE experience! This training – delivered by jury members who are top entrepreneurs, CEOs and angel investors from each area – is for everyone who pays the $100 application fee, providing a huge return on investment for all who attend. 

The CYE application fee does not include registration to the Area Conferences or World Congress. You’ll need to register for the events separately!

If you would like to learn more details about CYE, make sure to check out our Trello Board and read our global and national CYE Toolkits. With the National CYE Toolkit, JCI National Organizations can now create their own CYE programs to stimulate youth entrepreneurship in their countries! And if you are already certain you’d like to register, head to the JVC registration page today!