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JCI Virtual Community Official Launch Coming Soon

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As 2022 continues to accelerate, we are happy to announce one of our first major initiatives will soon be available to all JCI members. This entire week, leading up to Monday, 11 April, we will be officially celebrating the Phase 1 Launch of the JCI Virtual Community (JVC)!

For the past ten months the JVC has been in a beta test phase with developers, World Headquarters and the Digital Transformation Committee (DTC) all hard at work to optimize the user interface. As we used the JVC for the 2021 JCI Area Conferences and World Congress, we were able to receive valuable feedback to make the JVC a streamlined digital experience well suited for the enterprising young leaders of JCI. By having real world users in a real environment, the system was tested in an organic way that gave developers exactly the insight they needed. Very soon now, JCI members will be able to see first hand what was gained from that testing period! 

Our first major update will provide two much-requested upgrades to the JVC. First, a mobile app, available on Apple and Android devices. This will vastly improve the UX for members using a phone or tablet, and increase accessibility for the platform. The app is actually available for download on the Google Play and Apple stores right now!  The second major addition is a front-end landing page that neatly sorts the most important and up-to-date JCI news, events and skills development offerings in an easy-to-access format. Both of these upgrades come alongside a much more polished experience and countless back-end fixes for our members. All of these efforts aim to connect our members, senators, alumni and partners in a unique social space focused on what is important to JCI. 

Everyone has experienced the frustration of information becoming buried in the depths of social media feeds, and missing important posts because of commercial algorithms. But now, through the JVC our members can have a unique social platform where personally tailored JCI content is easily available to them. It will become a place for easy and streamlined communication between members of the community and where various projects, events, training and programs will be accessible. 

Far from just a website, the JVC will act as a global social network for JCI members and senators, enabling users to access a worldwide membership base right at their fingertips. The JVC highlights the international aspects of our organization, helping to create connections beyond borders. With the JVC, members will be able to create their own unique profile, connect and communicate with other JCI members with ease and have even greater access to JCI events, programs and courses such as the Global Entrepreneur Masterclasses

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing tutorials and information that will be useful as you navigate through the JVC, so watch our Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram pages for more content. 

Here are two useful tutorials to start with if you’re new to the JVC: 

*Important note: any JCI member with a current account only needs to reset their password to access the JVC! If you have an account already, follow these steps and you’ll be logged on in seconds. 

And remember, Leading is Our Duty! By joining the JVC, JCI members can collectively continue to lead the way in digital transformation and carry on developing leaders for this ever-changing world. Log in and become a part of the JCI Virtual Community today!