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European Members Win Big in Bruges


Last week in Bruges, members from all over the world gathered to celebrate their first in-person conference since 2019. The 2022 JCI European Conference was full of opportunities to learn new skills, make new connections and explore what it means to be a thoughtful leader.

On Saturday evening, we recognized the most outstanding projects and individuals in the region with the Awards Ceremony. Read more about the winners who help make JCI the leading global network of young people! 

Best Local Business and Entrepreneurship Program

Winner: Misä Mnää Ole?- BOARD GAME
JCI Rauma, Finland 

JCI Rauma developed a unique, family friendly board game highlighting local businesses and institutions in Western Finland and drawing attention to the culture of their region and city. Their integration with the community served to boost the economy and promote the identity of JCI as an essential part of the city.

JCI Rauma also won Most Outstanding Local Project for their efforts.

Best JCI RISE Project

Winner: JCI Cork Tourist Guide
JCI Cork, Ireland

JCI Cork worked with NGOs and the local government to provide new tourism opportunities and supplement community businesses after COVID-19. Their work gave a  much needed platform to businesses and worked toward economic recovery in the region with a focus on sustainable tourism.

Best Local Growth and Development Program 

Winner: JCI Mayo Meet the Members Series, JCI Mayo

To attract new members into a small but enthusiastic organization, JCI Mayo enlisted the help of eight alumni and current members to share their experiences with the broader community. Through this project they recruited three additional enterprising leaders in 2021.

Best Local Community Impact Program

Winner: International Women’s Day
JCI Cork, Ireland

To motivate women to #breakthebias and become leaders in business and society, JCI Cork hosted a 3-day series of webinars from industry experts for International Women’s Day. Their speakers discussed topics from encouraging women to seek political office to the imporatnce of mentoship in the workplace. Their event reached people in New York, Lagos and the Philippines, making it a great example of utilizing technology to connect across continents.

Best Inter-organization Collaboration Project

Winner: PratiK
JCI Montpellier, France 

JCI Montpellier launched their web application, PratiK, to help disadvantaged people successfully integrate into society. With a single click, those in need could find necessary services on a platform supported by multiple organizations engaged in the same goal: supporting local communities by targeting the most vulnerable.

Best Local Global Goals Project

Winner: Kestävä Kainuu (Sustainable Kainuu)
JCI Kajaani, Finland

With a focus on Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action, JCI Kajaani’s project “Kestävä Kainuu (Sustainable Kainuu)” sparked important conversations and mobilized community members to rethink the impact of motor vehicles when public transport is available. They worked with partners to offer free and widely accessible events advocating for climate action.

National Flagship Program

Winner: Sustainable Leaders Conference
JCI Scotland

The Sustainable Leaders Conference hosted by JCI Scotland brought the principles of JCI RISE front and center in a unique and engaging way. With sessions led by international board members, Senators and partners, members experienced the power of JCI’s flagship initiative and JCI Scotland solidified its role as an important part of the community. 

Most Outstanding Local Organization

Winner: JCI Galway, Ireland

In the last four years, JCI Galway has implemented a sustainable membership growth plan to transform a once struggling local organization of only three members in 2017 to now the strongest and largest local organization in Ireland with active participation and dedication among members. 

Most Outstanding Local President
Winner: Inka-Maria Haiminen, JCI Kankaanpää, Finland

Local President Inka-Maria Haiminen led her organization to financial success and maintained member retention in a challenging year. She modeled excellent leadership throughout her management of members, projects and digital transformation for JCI Kankaapanaa.

Most Outstanding New Member
Winner:  Ștefana Carabaș, 
JCI Targu Mures, Romania 

Since joining JCI, Ștefana has demonstrated the values of this organization as an eager learner, project manager, moderator, programs participant and more. Her dedication and involvement to JCI at the local, national and international level in her first year of membership showcases great leadership potential.

Most Outstanding Member
Winner: Hanna Lindroos,
JCI Hämeenlinna, Finland

Hanna’s positive attitude and willingness to participate in all aspects of JCI life earned her the title of Most Outstanding Member of the year. Her colleagues describe her as a solutions-oriented leader who takes on various roles with determination and drive. She is an active member of her community who shows that leading by example is a powerful tool. 

First Timers
Seçkin Burtan Uçar – JCI Turkey

Creative Young Entrepreneur
2nd place: Wouter Uten – Belgium – UgenTec
1st place: Tahereh Pazouki – Luxembourg – Magrid

English Debate
Winner: JCI Ireland

  • Michael Gallagher
  • Lorraine Lally
  • Valerie O’Brien

German Debate
Winner: “Die spontanen Kekse

  • Ivan Kravchenko
  • Jonas Schulz
  • Linda Zolliker

French Debate
Winner: JCI Switzerland

  • Ella Dettwiler
  • Vincent Légeret
  • Nicolas Pietri

Public Speaking
Winner: Eva Maria Hanson – JCI Estonia