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JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Judges Selected for the 2022 European Conference!


Today we’re excited to introduce the great leaders selected as judges for the Creative Young Entrepreneur contest at 2022 JCI European Conference! With their wide range of experience, each judge brings something new to the table and guarantees that every CYE participant will learn valuable skills in this process. 

Each of these judges will lead a special seminar in their area of expertise to help develop vital business skills in the contestants. These judges are here not only to evaluate the projects but also to share specialized knowledge in their respective fields through expert-guided sessions. Let’s take a closer look at our honored judges’ unique experiences! 

Liesbeth Lemmens 
Liesbeth Lemmens originally thought her career would be in the academic world, focusing on her Master’s Degrees in East-European Languages & Cultures and Early-Christian and Byzantine Culture. She soon realized that her true path was to become an entrepreneur. She completed a mini-MBA at Vlerick Business School and quickly started her own business. She ran an event organization company for more than 10 years, then a construction company and now participates in a number of other businesses. Today, she utilizes her expertise as an interim manager with a focus on change management, internal communication and marketing.

Since 2009, Liesbeth has been an important part of the organizing committee of the JCI Award Flemish Young Entrepreneur, a prestigious and coveted prize for young enterprising leaders. She has served on the jury since 2017 and became its chair in 2019. Both within her own projects and in those of the many finalists whom she has mentored, she values the JCI principles such as strong leadership, entrepreneurship for a better future, empowering young people and the importance of exemplifying good business practices.

Joanna Mamczur
Joanna Mamczur is an international business lawyer and FinTech entrepreneur who co-founded, an Open Banking startup developing API integrations with banks under the PSD2 directive.

As the founder of Mamczur Law Firm, Joanna has 15 years of experience working with institutional, corporate and SME clients as well as with startups. Her international insight in law was developed at universities in Paris, Frankfurt and Poland as well as in the Banking and Finance divisions of renowned corporate firms where she worked for seven years prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

Joanna’s legal expertise includes banking and finance, FinTech, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and IT. Joanna is passionate about developing innovative business models with her mentees and clients as well as exploring the sustainable aspects of tech and digitalization in business. 

Joanna Mamcszur is a past National President of JCI Poland and European Development Councillor.

Ismail Haznedar
Ismail Haznedar is a strategist, TEDx speaker, credited SME consultant, certified management consultant and member of the Strategic Planning society. Born in 1976 in Tetovo, North Macedonia, Ismail Haznedar graduated from Middle East Technical University, earning a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Management in 2000. He also completed a Masters Degree in Marketing from Marmara University in 2005. 

Presently he is Managing Director of Stratejik Isler, a management consultancy company, and is a founder of Gain Global, a network of action oriented supporters, investors and partners committed to empowering starters in their journey to initiating new enterprises.

In 2015, Haznedar was elected as President of JCI during its 100th Anniversary and served as JCI Senate Chairman in 2016. He is honored to be a lifetime member, Senator, trainer and JCI Foundation patron.

Ionut Tata 
Ionut Tata is a serial business and social entrepreneur who has co-founded over a dozen companies and nonprofits in Romania and the Netherlands. He is the acting CEO of Iceberg, a market-leading company in the fields of innovation, tech transfer and investment based in Romania. Through Iceberg he has been representing the European Institute for Innovation and Technology networks on energy, manufacturing and urban mobility, as well as leading a number of pilot initiatives driving the digital transformation of businesses and governments in Central and Eastern Europe. Ionut has recently co-founded The Creatives, a platform supporting and investing in creative and cultural startups throughout Europe. 

A multicultural leader with a MA in Business Administration from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Ionut has also completed executive courses on Venture Capital and Investment from IE Madrid. He has developed an extensive network in the innovation ecosystem of Europe, building on his 20 years of experience with entrepreneurial development.

Julian Gross  
Julian Gross has been a well-respected member of JCI Germany since 2018. During this time, he quickly became a JCI trainer with important international experience. Furthermore he is the Local President of his State’s Board in Germany and member of the 2022 JCI Business Committee. 

He is the fourth generation successor of his family’s business and is also the founder of a business consultancy where he helps European companies become successful.