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Investing in Enterprising Young Leaders

JCI is excited to introduce a brand-new opportunity for future and existing partners – the JCI Club 100 program! 

What is JCI Club 100?

The JCI Club 100 is an exclusive collection of valuable partners who are passionate about investing in JCI and its direction. We believe that it is important to honor our current and future partners who support talented young people around the world on their journey to become tomorrow’s business and societal leaders. This prestigious program was created to better organize the recognition and benefits that our partners deserve, and to provide a VIP space for members of our partner companies to connect and exchange across industry sectors

The JCI Club 100 program offers four tiers that partnerships can choose to be a part of. Each tier offers a different selection of benefits with the highest level being Platinum, then Gold, Silver and Bronze. As a launch offer, all partnership agreements signed this year will last until December 2022. 

If you are interested in partnering with JCI, or perhaps are part of a company or organization that is curious, check out our JCI Club 100 Booklet or make use of our user-friendly JCI Club 100 Application form. There are a limited number of slots available so make sure you act fast!

Discover below who our current Club 100 members are in each tier!