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JCI Foundational courses are created to empower members to fulfill the JCI Vision, Mission and Values. The courses listed as Foundational Courses are:

JCI Discover

This course is created to engage participants to understand why JCI exists as they focus on the core values and framework that drive the JCI Mission. It also explores the skills members can develop as leaders in the organization to create sustainable impact in a changing world.

JCI Explore

This is a course in progress to develop members’ communication, problem solving, and leadership skills. It will be recommended for members who want to understand the dynamics of Local Organization administration and management and for members who want to take up leadership roles in the organization at any level.

JCI Adventure

This is a course in progress that will enable members to use the leadership skills learned within the organization to amplify their skills in terms of business and entrepreneurship, personal development, international cooperation and community action around the world.