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JCI’s new Global Leadership Masterclass series follows a talented pool of professional coaches as they break down the key concepts that make an enterprising young leader. Each course is based around one of JCI’s Four Areas of Opportunity: Business and Entrepreneurship, Individual Development, Community Action and International Cooperation. Participants not only learn crucial skills that will be extremely relevant in that particular area, such as growing a small business, but will also take away an enhanced set of soft skills and a more worldly point of view which will help them succeed in any endeavor they work towards.

The Global Entrepreneur Masterclass, which is based on the Business and Entrepreneurship Area of Opportunity, has just released exclusively for JCI members! This is the first installment of the JCI Global Leadership Masterclass series, and will be followed by Global Networker, Global Communicator and Global Changemaker – more information on those courses will be shared in the coming months!

Learn more about each of the four unique courses in the Global Leadership Masterclass series!