私たちは、最初の完全にオンラインエリアカンファレンス、私たちの最初のハイブリッド世界会議を持ち、COVID-19グローバルパンデミックをきっかけに、経済を維持し、再構築し、労働力を強化し、メンタルヘルスを維持するためのJCI RISEイニシアチブを立ち上げました。

しかし、私たちは始まったばかりです! JCIの小島龍文社長のリーダーシップの下、2021年にJCIメンバーが楽しみにできることの6つを次に示します。

パンデミックの発症時のJCIメンバーの行動に触発され、2020年JCI社長イタイ・マネレは今年JCI RISEイニシアチブを立ち上げました。 しかし、私たちの仕事はまだ始まったばかりです。 COVID-19の経済的、精神的影響に取り組むためには、すべての地方および国家機関の努力が必要です。

JCIメンバーは、2020年に地域経済に対する優れた支援を示し、その支援は2021年にさらに大きな影響を与えるだろう。 JCI RISE プロジェクトを実施し、他のメンバーや組織とベスト プラクティスを共有するのに役立つリソースが増えることを期待できます。

JCIスキル開発は、あなたが必要とする重要なスキルを学ぶのを助けるために適応しています! Beginning in 2021, we’re launching a new series Global Leadership Masterclasses to help you learn and evolve with a world that’s always changing. Choose your own adventure: become a Global Entrepreneur, a Global Changemaker, a Global Communicator or a Global Networker (or take them all!).

We’re also partnering with the Global Growth Institute to bring you the premier World Class Manager course. Created by analyzing the best practices of leaders from hundreds of organizations, this course will transform the way you lead. JCI members even get a special discount!

We’re at the next frontier of JCI global events. We’ve seen how we can connect with even more people through online and hybrid events. We’re focused on keeping all of the best parts of JCI events while adding even more high quality content and making them more accessible for everyone around the world. Learn more about our 2021 events.

In 2021, we’re launching the new Creative Young Entrepreneur Program to supportstart-ups that can truly make a difference. Get involved by launching your own Creative Young Entrepreneur programs at the local and national level. You can also join the pilot sessions at the 2021 Area Conferences and the World Congress. Learn more about the Creative Young Entrepreneur Program.

Next year, we’re launching an upgraded website and digital platform. Here, you will be able to find all important JCI announcements and explore new features to collaborate on a global scale. In the meantime, you can keep up with JCI news on our temporary website.

You might soon notice the Active Citizen Framework looks a little different. It has a new name – the JCI Action Framework – but the basic steps remain the same. In 2021, you’ll learn more about how you can apply the JCI Action Framework to all four areas of opportunity to build a more sustainable future.

Our theme for next year is “One Future,” because if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that we’re all in this together. We all have the power to shape our future for the better.

How will you make an impact in 2021?